Introduction to MARPRO

We extend our sincere gratitude for visiting our page and for considering becoming a candidate for the compelling job opportunities we promote daily. We want to assure you of our deep understanding of your unique situation and our unwavering commitment to ensuring that partnering with MARPRO is a positive and rewarding experience.

As we are exclusively specialized in the Shipping & Maritime industry, there’s no need for you to translate or adapt your education or experience when working with us. We comprehend your background thoroughly.

Moreover, it is paramount to us that you are treated with the utmost respect. At MARPRO, you are far more than a mere statistic – each qualified candidate we collaborate with holds significant value in our eyes. We’ve structured our processes to be transparent, providing you with comprehensive information throughout every step.

Rest assured that we operate in strict compliance with GDPR regulations, handling your data with the utmost care and confidentiality.

We are actively seeking candidates with maritime education and experience for various positions, both at sea and onshore. If interested in joining our talent pool, please connect.

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Do you have any enquiries or require assistance? Feel free to reach out to us at +45 5370 0995 during our operating hours between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central European Time. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry through our convenient contact form.

Stay in touch

The are many ways to connect with us, to stay updated about future opportunities:

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If you want us to consider you, also for positions not advertised, consider submitting your CV to our internal & confidential database.

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Curious About Our Operational Approach?

At MARPRO, our methodology encompasses a range of roles, from those publicly advertised with company names to positions that remain discreetly undisclosed. We pride ourselves on our commitment to adhering to standardized procedures to enhance efficiency, although it’s essential to note that we operate as an extension of external organizations, beyond our direct control. Nevertheless, we diligently endeavor to keep our candidates well-informed throughout the entire process.

Typically, we present prospective candidates to our clients within 3-4 weeks of initiating an assignment. We maintain open lines of communication and confirm each successful application. In cases where a candidate is not selected, rest assured, you will receive a notification of the outcome.

Should you find yourself without confirmation or a rejection notice, we kindly advise checking your spam folder. Furthermore, we remain dedicated to ensuring that our candidates are informed at every crucial juncture of the process. Your clarity and understanding are of paramount importance to us.

Contacted via LinkedIn?

When you receive a LinkedIn message or an email from MARPRO regarding an open position, you might be curious about how we discovered you and what this entails.

Our recruitment consultants are highly proactive in their quest to identify potential candidates. They meticulously search for specific keywords, job titles, and locations to pinpoint individuals who align with the precise criteria required for the open position.

Consider this message as an expression of our interest in your candidacy. If you choose to pursue the opportunity and your qualifications align well, your chances of progressing through the hiring process are notably higher than the norm.

Please understand that these messages are never disseminated to a broad audience. Instead, they are directed to a select group of hand-picked potential candidates, which should be viewed as a compliment to your professional profile.

Should you wish to explore further, we encourage you to respond promptly. The recruiter will provide you with additional details and initiate the process.

Even if you are not inclined to pursue the opportunity, we kindly recommend responding with a courteous message. A simple note such as “No thanks, I am not interested at this time. Let’s connect to stay in touch” is both sincere and maintains the possibility for future communication.

You may also provide your resume in our database for future positions in case the dream job comes along.

Whether you are interested or not, it is in your benefit to have a good relation with a recruiter, as you never know when the situation changes.